At Kendall Custom painting we pride ourselves on providing the customer want they want. This involves great communication between us and our customers. Upon requesting our services we provide a free consultation in which involves looking at all aspects of the job thoroughly and allowing us to give you an accurate quote.


Preparation is paramount in any job that we do. Without the appropriate preparation the longevity of a paint job may be compromised.


Products are as equally important to a job. Obviously different jobs requires different paint, therefore it is important to stay up to date and informed of the different products available. There are Eco friendly, low fumes, budget friendly and not so budget friendly products and every client has a different need and budget so it is important to take all of these things into consideration at the time of a quote.


Pride in our work is something that we take very seriously and the one thing that ensures the quality that we not only provide but guarantee.


Price is something that is more important to some than others. However with over 15 years experience in the painting industry and consistent training in the estimation field we can provide our clients with an accurate, informed and affordable quotation.